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Product promotion doesn’t begin and end with consumer advertising. With JIT manufacturing pushing deadlines tighter and tighter, brands need partners that can do more for them than traditional, consumer-facing sales-speak.

We take a holistic approach to brand strategy, identity and positioning. We clarify a brand’s mission to its basic elements, and then build every communication tool on that solid platform.

We have a long history of bringing strong brands to market, and we’ve got an arsenal of tools that ensure a brand’s value proposition is communicated along every step…from research and development all the way to the shelf.

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We get it -- it takes a lot of trust to hand over a budget to a new team. We respect a smart marketing budget and we are focused on delivering the maximum ROI on every dollar.

We don’t like to make a lot of “stuff” without purpose. We start every campaign by setting benchmarks that align with the current sales goals as well as the long-term brand strategy. Marketing that is disconnected from sales is just a lot of pretty jabbering. We want to do meaningful work for our brands.

Trust is a two-sided street, and starting a new working relationship requires the right fit on both sides. We look for clients that allow us to add value, contribute to a team, and work toward a common goal.

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