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How to Create Dynamite Press Releases

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Your Budget & the Path to Purchase

Wondering whether to spend on that new ad or campaign? Take a step back and look at your overall budget, and how you allocate funds across the whole customer life cycle. Ideally your annual budget has funds committed to 4 … Continue reading

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Becoming a Trusted Brand

Need in the Market Are you filling your customer’s need? Or are you filling space on a shelf? The best brands are the ones that produce products that fill a need for consumers at the same time they are satisfying … Continue reading

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Social Media: Check Your Channel Settings

More and more I am running across bloggers and content providers who are using social channels like a funneled megaphone: bluntly spreading the same message loudly across a wide area with one click. There are a ton of automated posting … Continue reading

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4 Brand Strategies for Facebook

Social tools are out there, and they are being embraced by brands big and small. But often the how to use the tool overshadows why you should use the tool, and how it fits within your communication strategy. Here are … Continue reading

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