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How to Create Dynamite Press Releases

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Your Budget & the Path to Purchase

Wondering whether to spend on that new ad or campaign? Take a step back and look at your overall budget, and how you allocate funds across the whole customer life cycle. Ideally your annual budget has funds committed to 4 … Continue reading

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Becoming a Trusted Brand

Need in the Market Are you filling your customer’s need? Or are you filling space on a shelf? The best brands are the ones that produce products that fill a need for consumers at the same time they are satisfying … Continue reading

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Social Media: Check Your Channel Settings

More and more I am running across bloggers and content providers who are using social channels like a funneled megaphone: bluntly spreading the same message loudly across a wide area with one click. There are a ton of automated posting … Continue reading

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The New Year

I’ve hesitated over this New Year’s posting, mostly because I am not a fan of resolutions, or grand declarations at the start of a new year. But this year is different. I am welcoming the change of calendar with some … Continue reading

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