Beyond development of campaigns and programs, Water Street often provides consultative services for our existing clients, and for new ones.

How many times has your sales team brought you this request: “Brand X is working with this widget. We need a widget like that for our brand!” Our best response to requests like these is to open a project for Discovery.

In the day-to-day bustle of “get it done,” sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture, and that widget from Brand X might not be the right fit for your brand. Our Discovery consultation reviews the request, researches the sales need, and weighs the options against your existing programs and assets, your budgets, and the long term mission of your brand.

Over the years we’ve saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by presenting a well-reasoned response to “Hey, we need one of these!” But we’ve also created some very cool, innovative sales tools using the same process.

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