Because great design is only great if it’s effective, we begin each project by asking you questions, lots of questions. During Discovery, we work to understand your Goals, both the long-term goals for your business or division, as well as the goal for this project. We research the intended audience, the frame of mind and experiences the audience will have, and the environment where your project will be used.

In short, we define the messaging problem we are trying to solve, and discover strategies for delivering it. We’ll provide Benchmarks for success, and failure points, for your review and consensus. 
These Goals and Benchmarks will guide the rest of your project. We also set time lines and 
production schedules for the project during the Discovery Phase.


Once your Goals and Benchmarks are established, we apply creative problem solving. We’ll schedule a team kickoff meeting to review all the details, from over arching ideas to the technical details of production. Through brainstorming exercises and collaborative discussion, we develop key ideas to solve your messaging problem. Thumbnails are developed, and all ideas are presented for an internal Peer Review session. In Peer Review, we test our initial concepts against the Goals and Benchmarks. 
The best solutions become Concept Proofs for you to review.


This is when the real work begins. Once your team has approved a Concept Proof, we move into the real proofing rounds: writing and editing, photography planning, resource acquisition. Typically one-third to one-half of a project budget may be spent getting from Discovery through
Proof 1—the first proof that you review to edit and correct. If we’ve done our Discovery and Design correctly, the Development phase should only have two or three proofing rounds before moving to the FINAL Proof/Approval to Release.


This phase covers the actual production of your project. From the moment you sign-off on the FINAL Proof, approving us to release the files to the production company, we act as your agent, representing your interests with the production vendors. We’re involved every step of the way, from prepress and print management for print materials to material selection and prototype production for environmental graphics. We review vendor proofs and manage the technical aspects of the production. And to help get your message in front of its audience, we’ll develop distribution systems for print materials, retrofit plans for physical displays, and all the other nuts-and-bolts plans for completing your project.


Our job isn’t over once a project is delivered. We want to know how we did. We’ll work with you and your team to evaluate not only how the process went, but also how the project was received by your target audience. We especially love feedback from people outside the core project team, and we’ll work with you to gather that feedback. In the end, it’s about making the next project even more successful.

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