Working with WSD

Are we right for you?

We are not a large agency–we don’t have a campus, a gymnasium, and a large staff of go-fers and interns. We are a small, tightly knit group with deep expertise, devoted to crafting effective channel marketing tools for our clients. When we pull together a client service team, we draw on our decades-long relationships in the industry,  managing teams of subject-matter experts as each project requires.

We’ve invested heavily in project management tools and remote networking that allow us to keep our community of creatives connected, and on target, for our brands. We are a small group, but we can deliver big solutions. Not everyone can see the value in working this way, and that’s okay. It’s what works for us: it keeps us close to our clients, without layers of management getting in the way.

Are you right for us?

For us, fit is everything in a client-creative relationship. It takes a certain amount of trust to hand over a budget for a new product or sales venture, but it also takes some trust on our side. We want to know that we’ll be spending our time in a satisfactory way: adding value, contributing to a team, and working toward a common goal.

It takes time and commitment to build a strong foundation for a new brand. We believe in delivering on our promises from day one, so Water Street only accepts large client contracts about every 18 to 24 months. But we have lots of consulting services we can offer as a way to test the waters.

The best way to know if this relationship will work for you is to take the first step: give us a call and let’s have a chat.

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