Mission / Values

Water Street Design, LLC is a collaborative studio that creates strategic marketing communication tools for manufacturers of trusted brands. Our mission is to help companies connect the right shoppers with the right products.

Our strategic approach to design solutions are why clients come to Water Street. The principles that guide our business are why we show up every day.

Work smart.

When we start a project, the goal can be to get it done, or to use best practices and do it well. We prefer the second option.

Add value.

We are at our worst when taking orders, and at our best when we can share the results of our combined experience to craft solutions for our clients.

Stay smart.

Education and development are priorities for our team. We stay on top of training and technology and are active in our professional associations.

Be fair.

In a free market, business should be an equal exchange of goods and services. We accept responsibility for our part in that equation, and we respect the time and contributions of our clients, vendors, staff and partners.

Live well.

To be the best for our clients, we need to be at our best. Our services are structured to support a healthy balance of work, education, networking, family and friends.

Have fun.

We think we have the best job in the world. If we aren’t having fun, then we probably aren’t paying attention to our other five principles.

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